Top 5 things you MUST do in Florence, Italy

Ah, Firenze, you stole my heart. Florence is truly a magical city that is worth a visit when traveling to Italy. Here are 5 things that you must do if you are planning on visiting Florence:

  1. Spend time in the Duomo di Firenze. This is located in the central area of Florence and it is breathtaking. I bought a ticket online that allowed me to enter the cathedral, bell tower, and the duomo (the dome). I highly recommend this, it wasn’t expensive at all and the views from up top are incredible, especially from the bell tower. Be prepared to walk up a lot of stairs though because there aren’t any elevators! IMG_1052.jpg
  2.  Visit the famous man of Florence–David. David is located in the Galleria Dell’Academia. Again, I bought my ticket online and didn’t have to stand in line at all, definitely worth buying ahead! I ended up staying for about 2 hours just staring at David. He truly was the greatest work of art I have ever seen. IMG_1082.jpg
  3. Go see Ponte Vecchio. One of the oldest bridges in Italy and the prettiest. For the best view of Ponte Vecchio, I suggest walking across to Ponte Santa Trinita so you can capture a great picture. It’s also beautiful to see at sunset. IMG_0897.JPG
  4. For another amazing view of Florence, walk through the Bardini Gardens. A little far from the central area of town, but in my opinion worth the walk. This garden is full of beautiful plants and flowers and it offers a stunning view of Florence. IMG_1009.jpg
  5. Try some gelato from the famous Vivoli. Hands down some of the best gelato I have ever tasted. Located at via dell’Isola delle StincheIMG_0839.jpg

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