My Favorite Cafés in Rome, Italy

Other than pasta, pizza, and gelato, before coming to Rome I was really looking forward to the coffee. I am a huge coffee gal. I’m happy to say I have not been disappointed with the coffee here, it is incredible. I’ve really enjoyed trying out different cafés in the area, each one is so unique inside. Aside from just coffee, the cafés also offer yummy pastries, snacks, and even small meals. Here are five of my favorite cafés in Rome:

Caffè Settimiano 


This café is definitely one of my top favorites. It is located in the Trastevere neighborhood. I love stopping here for a typical Italian breakfast (croissant + cappuccino) in the mornings. Also, the staff here is always super sweet and welcoming.

Caffè Lungara 


Caffè Lungara is also located in Trastevere. I come here often for a small lunch. They have the best fruit salad I have ever tasted, it is always so fresh and beautifully displayed…as you can see from this picture.

Bar del Cappuccino 


This cappuccino bar is towards the city center of Rome. I originally went because I read that the man who works here specializes in cappuccino designs! His favorite designs to make for customers are hearts and apples.

Esco Sazio 


Esco Sazio is a small organic juice and fruit café. I’ve never ordered coffee here because I always want an acai bowl. These acai bowls are refreshing and filling. I also appreciate how beautiful the fruit display looks in the bowl.

Don Nino 


Don Nino is located in several parts of Italy, I first discovered it in Florence. There are three scattered around the city center of Rome. Their cappuccino and croissant are some of absolute favorites! Also, the interior design of their café is adorable.

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