A Trip along the French Riviera

I left Rome two days ago and now I am on my way up to Paris…with a few stops along the way. From Rome I went up to Milan and took a train to Monte-Carlo, Monaco. Monte Carlo is incredible. There are no other words to describe the atmosphere. The best part about Monte Carlo is the surrounding area. From Monte Carlo, I was able to take a bus to Èze Village and Nice, France.

I highly recommend taking a bus ride to Èze Village if you are ever traveling along the French Riviera. It was such an enchanting town. It is up on a giant hill top which offers amazing views from every angle.

From Èze Village, Nice, France was a short thirty minute bus ride away. I didn’t get to spend a lot of time here but from what I saw, it was beautiful.

Monte-Carlo, Monaco


Èze Village, France

IMG_3320.JPGIMG_3324 2.JPGIMG_3208.jpgIMG_3245.jpg

Nice, France


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