My Favorite New Zealand Adventures

New Zealand was full of adventure!! Collectively, throughout the three weeks I did more adventurous activities than I ever have! I wanted to share my favorites to keep in mind if you are ever traveling throughout New Zealand:

1. Jumping off the Sky Tower – Auckland, New Zealand


Jumping off the Sky Tower was an incredible experience! It’s one of Auckland’s favorite activities for tourists. The jump isn’t like a free fall at all, the harness keeps you stable and tight the whole fall…which is only 10 seconds. The view of the city is breathtaking from this high up!

2. Snorkeling at Poor Knights Island- Tutukaka, New Zealand 


I didn’t expect to enjoy snorkeling but it was a great experience! The fish are amazing at the Poor Knights Island. I was able to swim through multiple school of fish and touch jellyfish!

3. Tongariro Alpine Crossing Hike- Tongariro Crossing, New Zealand



I know I’ve talked about this hike in a previous post but this was definitely my favorite memory/experience from the whole trip!

4. Hooker Valley Track- Mount Cook, New Zealand


This hike was shorter and less intense than the Tongariro Alpine Crossing but just as beautiful! This hike was on the South Island which allowed me to experience the amazing Southern alps New Zealand offers.

5. Ziplining through the Ancient Forest- Rotorua, New Zealand 


Ziplining through the Ancient Forest was such an experience. It felt so freeing to be gliding above huge trees. My friends and I wanted to zipline all day, it wasn’t long enough!

6. Horseback Riding- Rotorua, New Zealand 


I have never rode a horse before so this was a new exciting experience for me and one that I loved! The views from the trek felt unreal and being on horseback made the afternoon truly feel like a fairytale.

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