New York City guide: Soho

bySoho is hands down one of my favorite areas in Manhattan. There are so many coffee shops, restaurants, and stores that offer a beautiful aesthetic. There are some places I always visit when I walk through Soho, but this time I made sure to have a list of new places to try too. Here’s a list of my favorite places I made sure to visit this trip to Soho.

Soho Coffee:

  • Maman. Maman has two locations throughout Manhattan: Soho & Tribecca. Personally, I like the Soho location best, it’s a bit smaller than Tribecca’s, but it offers a cozy vibe I enjoy. I also love this location because there is a small shop connected next door that has amazing homemade items you can buy. If you are looking for great coffee & treats, plus these beautiful cups, visit Maman!
  • Cha Cha Matcha. Cha Cha Matcha has been on my bucket list for a while. It’s a blogger’s dream inside & the coffee is very good…what could be better? Cha Cha Matcha also has beautiful coffee cups you won’t want to throw away!
  • Pietro Nolita. I mostly wanted to visit Pietro Nolita because the outside is fun & pink! I have heard inside there is good coffee & food but I didn’t have time to sit down & order something. But next time I hope to spend more time inside, which is also all pink!

Soho Eats and Treats:

  • by Chloe. I have been dying to try by Chloe mostly because everything is completely vegan! by Chloe has a few locations throughout the city & I highly recommend even if you aren’t a vegan because the food & sweets are delicious!
  • Laudree. For a sweet treat be sure to go to Laudree. The Soho location is stunning, especially, the outdoor seating area.

Soho Things to Do:

  • Walk around! There are so many beautiful streets in Soho. One of my favorite things to do is window shop.
  • Visit The Apartment by The Line. The I always visit The Line when I am in Soho, it is an interior designers dream! I love how the interior is set up different every time I visit. Everything inside is for sale, which includes the beautiful interior staples & clothes! It’s the prime spot for designers & fashion lovers.












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