Photo Diary: Brooklyn, New York

As much as I hate being considered a tourist, I love doing touristy things…

If you’ve read my blog before, you should be well aware that New York is my favorite city. I’ve gone countless times and every single trip I come prepared with a huge bucket list, which makes each visit new and exciting. Over my spring break, instead of heading to warm weather and the beach, I wanted to be in NYC. More specifically, I wanted to be in Brooklyn. I have only been once before and last time I did not have the chance to do the one thing at the top of my bucket list: walk the Brooklyn bridge. And I can happily say, walking the Brooklyn bridge was as magical as I envisioned.

There is so much to do in Brooklyn and if you’re not fond of the chaos that surrounds Manhattan at times, I suggest taking a short subway ride to Brooklyn. Brooklyn, New York offers a different vibe than Manhattan and there is so much to do and see. Some of my favorite activities in Brooklyn are walking the bridge, finding a cute coffee shop, and snapping some pictures of the most beautiful skyline.










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