Lessons I Learned in College

Facetune_09-05-2018-11-22-04.JPGWell the time has finally come…I’m graduating college this weekend! These have been the fastest four years yet but some that I’ll cherish forever. My college years had typical ups and downs but I’m thankful for the important life lessons I’ve learned. Since this is a huge milestone for me I decided to reflect on some of the most important lessons I learned in college…

  1. Trust. For a long time, and still sometimes now, I looked for validation from other people’s reactions or responses to my actions. Slowly, I am learning that I should trust my own intuition and believe that what I think of my actions and of myself is all that matters.
  2. How to Be Alone. This was a topic I wrote about in my last post, it’s a fairly recent lesson I learned while traveling through Europe alone. Learning to be alone has been one of the greatest lessons I learned in college. This may have come naturally as I matured, but being alone and enjoying being alone is something I’m happy I have become comfortable with.
  3. Face Fears. Acknowledging what scared and scares me can be extremely diffifult. It was so easy and can still be for a number of things in my life to make excuses as to why I couldn’t do something. Usually things are a lot scarier in my head than in reality, and almost always what I want most is on the other side of my fear.
  4. Knowing Myself Lead to Loving Myself. After high school, when I felt like the worst was over, I entered a completely new and different phase of life that confused me all over again: college. I had to get to know myself in this phase which took a long time. This is probably one of the most important lessons I learned in college: when you know yourself, you can learn to love yourself. Nothing else will fall into place until this happens.
  5. Life is a Lot Easier When I Don’t Focus on What Others Think of Me. High school and the early stages of college were a difficult time where I wanted to fit in and stand out among my peers. But the problem was, I had little confidence. I was constantly worried about what other people thought of me. After what felt like a long time, it became clear that the fear I created in my head about what people thought of me was my own insecure imagination. Once I realized that, it was as if a huge weight was lifted.
  6. Pain is a Valuable Lesson. Strength can come from pain. Although pain is difficult to handle and at times out of our control, it gives countless lessons for the future.
  7. Having Several Different Interests is Okay. When I first started college, I felt the pressure to pick a major and plan for my future career. I realized that I don’t need to only pick one field that interests me, I can have multiple and still accomplish my goals.
  8. What You Make of It is What You Get. The media and society in general tend to create an image of what college is “supposed to be like” and I learned quickly that college is what you make of it. The influence or pressure from peers isn’t going to be the “true college experience”, everyone has a personal college experience and that is perfectly okay.
  9. Seize Every Opportunity. This relates to facing my fears but college opened my eyes to a variety of opportunities. There are some opportunities I didn’t take but after a while I realized that this is the time to take on every thing life offers!
  10. The Sky is the Limit. Throughout college, I had a tendency to believe once college ended, so would all the fun. But I have come to realize that although this part of my life is coming to an end, this is only the beginning. I am about to start an entirely new phase of my life and the best is yet to come.

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