Must Know Travel Tips

Traveling can bring a lot of happiness and life changing experiences but it can be an unlikely combination of excitement and stress. But, knowing some stress will occur can actually allow for more preparation. Through personal experience and advice I’ve learned along the way, I thought sharing some of those tips would be beneficial to others and myself as the traveling season begins.

  1. Constantly Drink Water. Drinking water is one of the best ways to recover from long flights and jet lag. Even a shower is a great way to recover from jet lag when you arrive at a new place. Hydrating your body will make traveling more enjoyable and you will adjust to the time difference faster.
  2. Pack Extra Clothes and Cosmetics in Carry On. This may be a given but it’s easy to forget when packing for a big trip. It’s common for luggage to get delayed or even lost for a few days when traveling. You will want a change of clothes, deodorant, and a toothbrush close by!
  3. Be Smart about the Souvenirs You Bring Home. Unless it’s an item that will hold significant value for yourself or a loved one, most souvenirs are overrated and a waste of money and space! Pictures and memories will be much more valuable after the trip is over.
  4. Write in a Journal. I have mentioned this in other travel posts but keeping a daily journal was something I’m so thankful I did while traveling. There are so many details that go into each day and reading the journal years or even months later will be so special.
  5. Pack a Portable Charger! This is an important tip if you’re like me and constantly use your phone for pictures and maps! Trust me, your phone will die faster than you think. IMG_9799.JPG
  6. Invest in an Around the Neck Purse. This is almost essential in a foreign country. You can carry money, passport, other identification in a secure spot. I always wore my neck purse and hide it under my clothes in new places. Pick pocketers are everywhere in tourist spots. Better safe than sorry!
  7. Along with the previous tip…Have a Copy of Your Passport somewhere. You never know what could happen and having a copy of your passport will make things much easier if you need to prove identification or citizenship.
  8. Use a SIM Card. International plans for cell phones are so expensive. When I traveled abroad for two months I purchased a SIM card which included a data plan and minutes to call home. It was much more affordable and I didn’t have to worry about finding wifi to contact my family and friends back home.
  9. Download a Map App. I recommend google maps because you can type in anything (like a place you saw on Pinterest) and hit the walk option. I constantly used google maps to get to all my tourist destinations.
  10. Explore Everyday!! Yes vacation is a time to relax but in my opinion you can sleep in and rest at home! When traveling abroad I had the best experiences starting my day early and ending it late. Especially on short trips, there’s no time to waste! 
  11. Buy Tickets Ahead of Time. This is a huge tip! For big tourist attractions, buying tickets online can save you a lot of time waiting in line.
  12. Pack Comfy Shoes. I made the mistake of packing terrible walking shoes last summer and learned quickly how brutal Europe’s cobblestones can be on my feet.
  13. Invest in a Four Wheel Suitcase. My suitcase continued to increase in size as I traveled and it was terrible pulling a two wheel suitcase everywhere, especially in large airports. Your arms will thank you later if you have a four wheel suitcase.
  14. Embrace the Culture. It may feel strange being away from home, but do not expect a new place to be home. Embrace change and enjoy the new environment!
  15. Be Aware of Culture Rules. It’s important to be aware of some rules a culture may follow. Even if some rules aren’t mandatory, out of respect it’s best to follow culture rules anyways. For example, in Europe, visitors are required to have shoulders and knees covered before entering a church.

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