Europe Travel Tips

There are so many beautiful places to see while traveling through Europe. Although traveling in Europe is wonderful, especially for a first timer, while planning a trip there may be things you don’t know about a new country. Throughout my travels I’ve noticed certain acts most European countries seem to follow and I thought I’d share for anyone planning on traveling to Europe.

  1. Try Speaking the Language. Even learning how to say “hello” “goodbye” “please” and “thank you” will take you a long way. In most European countries, it’s polite to greet whoever you are interacting with first, for example a waitress or waiter, before going into what you want. The manners you present will usually get you manners in return.
  2. Be Aware of Mid Day Closings. This was an adjustment for me before traveling in Europe. It’s common for several restaurants and stores to take a mid day closing break. Typically stores and restaurants will be open in the morning until about 2pm and reopen around 7pm. This is also important to remember if you plan on eating out for dinner.
  3. Avoid Restaurants and Stores near Major Tourist Sites. I’ve learned the hard way that several stores and restaurants near tourist locations are much more expensive than they should be and the quality is not as great. The extra walk away from the beautiful location you’re touring will make your tastebuds and bank account much happier!
  4. Buy Tickets in Advance. This is an important tip. Even in the “off” season around Europe I still think it’s best to purchase tourist tickets in advance. It seems silly to waste time standing in a line you could avoid with pre-booked tickets. Almost every tourist attraction has a website that gives visitors the option to purchase tickets in advance.
  5. Be Conscious of Belongings. It goes without saying that you should always be aware of your personal belongings while traveling. But it’s important to always keep your phone, wallet, and passport in front of you at all times. Pickpockets are common in large cities with tourists!
  6. Wake Up Early to See Major Tourist Locations! The atmosphere in the morning in a large city is dramatically different in the afternoon. A lot of tourists don’t wake up and get out extra early but you’ll be happy you did! Every time I’ve explored a city early, it creates a magical feeling, as if the city is my own. Plus this allows you to  capture pictures without a lot of tourists in the background!
  7. Water is Rarely Free. Asking for a glass of water at a restaurant or cafe will not be free. If you want free water, most foundations around the city (especially in Italy) offer clean water. But check on this for other European countries.
  8. Public Restrooms (parks, stations, on the streets) Usually Cost Money. Public Restrooms are cleaned and maintained by workers which makes them a little more clean than usual so a fee of 50cent to 2 euros is common before entering.
  9. Validate Tickets. If you feel like trying public transportation while in Europe (which is an adventure in itself) be sure to validate tickets. On most buses, trains, and trams, even though you purchase a ticket doesn’t mean you won’t get charged if an officer sees it’s not validated. There are machines that stamp the ticket in order to validate it. This is important because the fee if you don’t validate is extremely high!
  10. Explore! If you are able to spend more than a few days in a new city, research unique activities to do or see. The typical tourist locations and attractions are definitely a must for a first timer, but making time to see unique parts of a new city will be so memorable.


4 thoughts on “Europe Travel Tips

  1. Love this post, all of the tips are actually so useful! I live in France at the moment and a lot these tips are so relevant, especially the validating tickets one and the mid day closings hahaha. Love the look of your blog: just subscribed xx

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  2. I lived in Italy starting last August for a few months and everything you wrote about I find true! I definitely learned all these tips the hard way too but now that I know, I can’t wait to go back to Europe and feel more knowledgeable. Great blog post!

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