My Guide to Florence

After spending the last few months in Florence, I thought it was time to share my favorite places to eat, drink, and explore. My only hope is that this list will continue to expand the more I settle in to this amazing city! Here’s the beginnings of my guide to Florence:

Where to Dine: 


Gusta Pizza

Out of all the places to get pizza in Florence, this has to be one of my absolute favorites. Not only is the pizza extremely cheap, the quality is incredible! Gusta Pizza is a small little hole in the wall place that seems to always be crowded, for good reason. My advice is to order a pizza to go and walk to one of the near by gardens to enjoy your tasting pie!

Obicà Mozzarella Bar

In terms of a nice sit down restaurant, Obicà is my favorite. The interior of the restaurant itself is worth going for. They offer a large selection of typical Italian dishes but be sure to try their homemade pasta and stay for dessert.


If you want a place that doesn’t offer the typical Italian dishes and is more on the healthy side, definitely visit Carduccio! I love going for their fresh juices and smoothie bowls. It’s the perfect way to start the morning before a walk around Florence.

La Ménagère

Now for my favorite spot to get breakfast and coffee…La Ménagère! This restaurant is stunning inside that not only has a restaurant but a small decor and flower shop as well. To me, they serve the best breakfast, I’m always torn between which dish to order because everything is so tempting.

Mama’s Bakery

I recently found this bakery which is located near the Pitti Palace. Mama’s is known for serving more typical American style dishes like grilled cheese, bagels, and whoopie pies. I love coming here when I’d prefer to indulge in a treat that reminds me of home.



Gelateria La Carraia

My favorite gelato in the entire city! This is the creamiest gelato and they have such an amazing selection of gelato flavors to choose from. My favorite is the salted peanut, it tastes just like peanut butter.

Gelateria De ‘Medici

This gelato place is a bit of a walk from the city of Florence but well worth it! They have several fruit flavors that taste so refreshing and almost like a sorbet.

What to Do: 


Visit The David

Visiting Michelangelo’s masterpiece is still one of my favorite things to do on a rainy day. David is the “man of Florence” for a reason and he’s a must see while visiting Florence. Or if you’ve already seen him, I’d recommend going again. To me, his beauty gives me a different experience every time I visit.

Boboli & Bardini Gardens

The two major gardens in Florence cannot be missed! There is so much to see within the gardens and on a nice day, I never want to leave. I love bringing a small picnic to either to relax and marvel at the incredible views of Florence. Tip: although you are allowed to bring food into the Bardini Gardens, you can’t sit on the grass. There are several benches and tables around but if you’re looking for a traditional picnic experience, bring food to the Boboli Gardens instead.

Gucci Museum 

I wrote a post about the Gucci museum a little while ago but I think it’s one of the more unique museums in the city. There are so many wonderful museums surrounding Florence but I think the Gucci museum is special since the Gucci brand originated in Florence. Plus it’s hardly ever crowded which gives a nice break from the crowds.

Walk to the Ponte Vecchio 

The most beautiful bridge in Florence is definitely a highlight. I love the Ponte Vecchio’s architecture, I still stop and stare whenever I’m near by. Tip: take pictures on the side near the Uffizi. Most people take photos from the Santa Trinta bridge but this gets extremely crowded with people and cars driving by.

Piazzale Michelangelo 

One of the best ways to view Florence is from Piazzale Michelangelo! The hike up to this piazzale is an uphill one but very enjoyable. There are also several busses that will take you straight up as well. This is also a nice spot to bring a picnic along and appreciate the views of Florence.

Take Day Trips

Florence is surrounded by so many amazing towns that are easy to get to by car or train. I wrote about some of my favorite day trips here. Florence is a great base for overnight if you want to explore more of Tuscany by day.

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