Vienna, Austria

On my weekend adventure through Hungary and Austria, I was able to make a quick stop in Vienna for one day. I already knew Vienna would be a magical place but spending time in Vienna, even for the day, during the Christmas season made my experience doubly magical. There were Christmas markets on every corner throughout the city spreading the Christmas spirit. I was constantly wondering through a new market, with a mulled wine in hand, desperately trying to find Christmas gifts for my family members. Overall, it was a perfect day full of lots of walking and lots of eating. For food, my friend and I found traditional apple strudel at a Christmas market and tried the traditional Sachertorte, both were incredible. I also recommend trying the double espresso with whip cream on top at one of the many cafes. Within 24 hours, my heart and stomach were very happy with Vienna.


Vienna Streets.JPG

Pretzel at Christmas Market.JPGChristmas Market, Vienna.JPGVienna Christmas Market.JPGJumbo pretzel.JPGMain Christmas Market.JPG

Austrian Cakes.JPG

Christmas in Vienna.JPG



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