Salzburg, Austria

Although I was only in Salzburg for about four hours, I had such a memorable time. I loved everything about Salzburg and all of the history and culture it had to offer. With only a few hours, I had time to walk around Salzburg and participate in The Sound of Music tour. The Sound of Music is one of the main things Salzburg is known for, as most of the movie was filmed in Salzburg. Even if you aren’t a huge Sound of Music movie fan, if you’re visiting Salzburg, this tour is a must! I learned so much about the real story of the Von Trapp family, the filming of the movie, and throughout the tour I saw more parts of Austria, which to me was one of the best parts!

Austria is a beautiful country I hope to visit again sometime soon. Here are some of my favorite photos from Salzburg, Austria.

Salzburg city center.JPG

Sound of Music Tour.JPG

Salburg, Austria.JPG

Salzburg field.JPG

house in Salzburg.JPGMondsee .JPG

IMG_1299.JPGAustrian views.JPGgrudgy field.JPG







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