Interlaken, Switzerland

Over the weekend, a friend and I took a magical trip to Interlaken, Switzerland! Interlaken has been high on my bucket list for quite some time. Not only is it close to many charming Swiss towns, it is home to some of the most adventurous activities (especially in the winter). I had such a memorable weekend and I’m already looking forward to returning.

Interlaken Eats & Treats:

  • Brunch & Coffee: Velo Cafe
  • Dinner: Hüsi Bierhaus
  • Dessert: Funky Chocolate Club Switzerland

Interlaken Things to Do:

  • Paraglide. If you enjoy an adrenaline rush and a view from above, I highly recommend paragliding. It was one of the best experiences and one of the most memorable parts of my weekend.
  • Walk to Lake Brienzersee. There are two lakes surrounding the city of Interlaken but lake Brienzersee is more popular and easier to find. It’s about a forty minute walk from the city center and a relaxing spot to view the beautiful mountains. Lake Brienzersee is a great spot for pictures too, the water is so blue, most people refer to it as “the blue gatorade water.”
  • Take Day Trips. The train system in Interlaken is so easy and cheap to take  short rides to neighboring towns. A lot of tourists take the train to other towns for skiing or snowboarding. If you’re like me, and would prefer to just explore other towns, I highly recommend visiting Grindelwald and Lauterburren. Each town was about 20-30 away from Interlaken by train.

Interlaken Tips:

  • If you want to see Interlaken’s other major lake, Thunersee, I suggest taking a bus. My friend and I tried to walk there from the city center and it took hours to walk and although it was pretty, it took much longer than we anticipated.
  • You can also take a bus to view Interlaken from above. When I went paragliding, we took a twenty minute bus ride up above the city center and the neighborhood above was so beautiful as well as the view.
  • A popular view of Interlaken is from Harder Kulm. Unfortunately, the train that takes you to the top is closed during the winter months. A path leads to the top but it takes two hours and I’ve heard it’s a bit too icy in the winter. This was something I was interested in but hopefully I’ll be able to visit Interlaken again in the warmer months!


Lake Brienzersee


Path to Lake Thunersee


Paragliding over Interlaken


Velo Cafe


Funky Chocolate Club


Interlaken City Center

One thought on “Interlaken, Switzerland

  1. Hello, thanks so much for some insight on what I can expect in Interlaken.. its one of the stops on an upcoming Europe trip and I never heard of it.
    Great pic its looks like a beautiful place, I cant wait to get “chocolate wasted” now! :D

    Liked by 1 person

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