Florence, Italy Weekend Guide

Florence has become one of my favorite cities. I’ve had the opportunity to live here for several months and each day I discover something new and memorable. Most of my exploring happens during my weekends, and I thought I’d share a weekend guide for those traveling to Florence for only a few days.


To Do’s in Florence

Wander around the stunning Santa Maria del Fiore Catherdral, aka, the Duomo! It’s one of the most beautiful Cathedrals you’ll ever see. There are so many details in the architecture that still shock me every time I walk by. If you have some extra time, I suggest either climbing to the top of the Bell Tower or climbing to the top of the Duomo, both are great experiences.IMG_5381

Catch the sunset at Piazzale Michelangelo. This piazzale is popular for good reason, it’s one of the best spots to view Florence. Although it’s always crowded with people, it’s the best spot to watch a stunning sunset. I suggest bringing along some wine and snacks too!

Walk along the Arno River. No trip to Florence is complete without a visit to the Ponte Vecchio. Personally, I love to view the Ponte Vecchio from a distance. It’s so beautiful and makes for the perfect postcard picture.

Where to Eat

Osteria All’antico Vinaio. One of the best sandwiches I’ve ever tasted and well worth the wait in the long line! Bonus: only 5 euros!

Gusta Pizza. My favorite pizza in Florence!

Gelato Di Neri. One of the best spots to grab a cone of gelato. There are several amazing flavors to pick from, my favorite is the ricotta and pear.

La Menagere. An incredible place worth stopping by for coffee, a meal, drinks, or just to see the beautiful interior. On the weekend, I recommend going to one of their jazz nights. Every Friday and Saturday, a live Jazz band plays, it’s such a great way to enjoy some music and drinks with friends.

Things you Cannot Miss


Wine Tour through Tuscany. A wine tour is one of the most unique and special
experiences to have while visiting Florence. Spend the day visiting Tuscan towns, tasting delicious wine and cheese, and stepping into an Italian lifestyle. Most tours do take all day but it’s an experience you will not regret!

Visit one of Florence’s many museums. Of course The Birth of Venus at the Uffizi and the David at the Galleria dell’Academia are the two top attractions to see. But if you’re looking for a slightly less crowded museum experience or have extra time, I suggest visiting the San Lorenzo church and Medici Chapels or Museum of Opera of Saint Maria of Fiore. Both are special museums that illustrate the rich history of Florence. Of course during high season they will be crowded too but nowhere near the crowds at the Uffizi and Galleria dell’Academia.

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