Brussels, Belgium

Belgium has always been a place in Europe I’ve wanted to visit but never seemed to make it a priority. I recently spent two days in Brussels and I can now say I wish I would’ve visited sooner! Brussels is a small city with stunning architecture, rich history, and amazing food…I could write a whole post based on the food alone. If Brussels has ever been in the back of your mind, I highly suggest visiting!


* Waffles: Maison Dandoy

* Frites: Cafe Georgette

* Chocolate: Elisbeth, Le Comptoir de Mathilde

* Brunch/Lunch: Peck 47, The Sister Brussels Cafe

* Dinner: Cafe Georgette

Things to Do:

* Walk around the Grand Place. This square is full of stunning architecture and gold detailing. The Grand Place square is also a great place to sit and eat a waffle or frites and people watch.

* Eat, eat, eat. Brussels is home to the most amazing waffles, frites, and chocolate!

* Take a day trip. Brussels is located close to other parts of Belgium and close enough to Amsterdam for a convenient day trip.

Tips and Tricks

* There are two types of Waffles to pick from: Belgium and Leige. The Belgium waffle is long, fluffy, and crispy. The Leige waffle is thicker, a bit sweeter, and chewier.

* There are several waffle places around the city but after tasting a couple different places, Maison Dandoy was my favorite. There is also the option to add toppings such as whip cream, fruit, chocolate, but the traditional way to eat a waffle in Belgium is plain with just powdered sugar.

* There are a few different train stations in Brussels, so be sure to know where you are staying in relation to the station.










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