Berlin, Germany


Berlin, what an intriguing city. Full of more culture, history, rebellion, and weirdness than any other city I’ve ever been to. Berlin was a much bigger city than I imagined and a city that still seem to hold on to all of the intense history it once experienced. With only two days, I made the most with my time. Here’s a small guide to the German capital:


Brunch & Coffee: Silo Coffee

Lunch/Dinner: BurgerMeister

Sweet: Aldemir Eis

Things to Do: 

* Walk to the East Side Gallery. This is a fun area to spend time around and take pictures with a unique background. The East Side Gallery is the longest part of the Berlin Wall that is still interacted and is now an artistic landmark.

* Visit the Berlin Cathedral. This Cathedral is stunning and there are several different spots to capture a beautiful picture. I suggest finding a cafe along the river to properly view this Cathedral’s beauty.

* Go see the Brandenburg Gate. This is a must see site in Berlin, as it symbolizes Berlin’s history.

* Walk along the Berlin Wall memorial. This memorial shows the last pieces of the Berlin Wall and the grounds that were once behind it. It’s another historical site that must be visited.

* Visit the Holocaust memorial. It’s an indescribable feeling.

* Enjoy a German beer and a pretzel!

Tips & Tricks: 

* The metro system seems intimidating at first, but once you take one or two rides it gets easier. It is definitely the cheapest option for transportation around the city and it also saves a lot of walking time.

* There are several restaurants and shops that only accept cash. Luckily, the city is full of ATM’s on almost every corner, but be sure to have cash on hand.







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