London, England


London, England was the very first country I traveled to over twelve years ago! Visiting again was a brand new experience for me. London is a fun city with so much to do and see. It’s a much bigger city than I remembered but with public transportation, visiting all the major sites is easy. Here’s a small list of my recommendations for what to do in London.


Breakfast: Farm Girl Cafe

Lunch: Homeslice, Wild Food Cafe

Dinner: Redemption

Sweets: Peggy Porschen’s Cakes

Things to Do: 

* Spend the morning in Notting Hill. There is so much to do in this adorable neighborhood. I loved walking the streets and finding the beautiful pastel home fronts. There’s also the Portobello Market off of Portobello road.

* Find Neal’s Yard. This is a “hidden” alley spot behind some store fronts. It has several delicious restaurants such as: Homeslice, Redemption, and Wild Food Cafe. It’s a bright colorful spot to hang out in with take out food or a drink after dinner.

* Watch the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace. This starts everyday around 10:45am. Be sure to arrive a little earlier if you want a nice view spot, the crowds are heavy!

* Visit one of England’s museums. There are a couple great museums throughout the city such as the British museum and the National Gallery. Bonus: the museums in England are free!

* Walk across Tower Bridge. This bridge is so stunning and walking across is definitely a must do while visiting London.

Tips & Tricks: 

* If you’re planning to use public transportation while visiting London, I suggest getting an Oyster card. It’s good towards the tube and the buses. Purchasing the Oyster card can be done at any metro station and you have the option to fill the amount of pounds you want on the card. Once you run out, you can refill the card as well.

* Right Now the Big Ben is under construction so it’s not visible. The area around Big Ben is still nice to explore and the London Eye is visible from this area as well.

* The weather in London was unpredictable. It rained on and off constantly be sure to bring proper clothing and an umbrella!









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