Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh was an easy city to fall in love with. Every corner was had a unique appeal, from the charming architecture, to the Scottish shops, to the bagpipe players, I knew right away Edinburgh was special. Although I would’ve liked to see more of Scotland’s countryside, Edinburgh was the perfect introduction to the beauty the country offers.


* Breakfast/Brunch: Burr & Co, The Milkman

* Lunch: Spoon, Hula Cafe

* Dinner: The Devil’s Advocate

* Sweets: Mary’s Milkbar

* Coffee: Wellington Coffee, The Elephant House

* Harry Potter fix: Magic Potions Tavern

Things to Do:

* Go on a walking tour! Edinburgh offers several walking tours, most are free. If you’re a Harry Potter fan there is a really great free walking tour everyday at 1:30pm.

* Go see the Edinburgh Castle. This is an incredible site in the city and easily visible without purchasing tickets to go inside.

* Hike to the top of Arthur’s Seat. A stunning view of Edinburgh can be seen from this point. The hike itself takes about thirty minutes and it’s just challenging enough but the view from the top is well worth the steep climb.

* If you’re a Harry Potter fan (like me!!) there is a place called the Magic Potions Tavern where you can get a butter beer and Harry Potter treats featured in the books and films.

* Walk along the Royal Mile street. This is a well known street with several Scottish shops and restaurants. It also leads all the way up to the Edinburgh Castle.

* Find Victoria street. This is supposedly the street that inspired J.K. Rowling to create Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter books. It’s a beautiful street with fun shops and colorful store fronts.

Tips & Tricks:

* Edinburgh is a small city and very walkable. When looking for a place to stay, I suggest staying on the Old town. The buildings are so charming on this side and it reveals the Scottish side to the city.

* As I mentioned there are several free walking tours. However, the tour guides still expect tips at the end of the tour since this is their full time job so it’s not entirely free.

* Similar to London, the weather in Edinburgh is unpredictable so pack proper rain gear or always have an umbrella on hand.












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