Tips for Healthy Travel

While traveling, no one seems to think about the toll it can take on our health. Although traveling is inspiring and exciting, it’s important to remember there’s a lot of physical, mental, and emotional drainage that can occur. Over my years of traveling I’ve developed a few simple habits that have really made a difference in the way I adjust to jet lag and maintain good health while exploring a new place. Here’s some healthy tips to keep in mind while traveling:

Stay hydrated.

The biggest tip I have for health while traveling is staying hydrated. It’s so easy to become dehydrated while traveling due to lack of sleep, change in time zone, and jet lag. Staying hydrated will allow the body to adjust quicker to the new time zone and overall make you feel energized for those long days of exploring! I also suggest only drinking water while flying and remember to continue to drink a decent amount of water each day while exploring.

Start the Day with a Meal

Even if you aren’t a breakfast person, starting the day with a nice meal will make exploring so much more enjoyable. It will also be easier to eat healthy balanced meals throughout the rest of the day and eliminate excessive snacking.

Walk as Often as Possible

Typically this is not difficult while traveling! In most European countries, especially, walking is not only the most practical way to see the city, it’s also the most enjoyable.

Grocery Shop

Grocery shopping in a new city will save money and also allow you to keep up with routines you may have at home. Buying simple snacks to have on hand or small items for breakfast is a healthier option throughout the whole trip.

Exercise When Possible

To me, exercise is the last thing I want to stress about when I’m traveling and trying to enjoy vacation time. However, I have found that after a few days of traveling and indulging, it is nice to exercise during some down time. There were times when I was traveling throughout Europe where I had an hour or so in my airbnb and did a quick workout.

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep!

Traveling is fun and exciting and there will be things you’ll want to experience all day and night. But it’s important to get enough sleep. Especially with jet lag, it’s important to listen to your body and get some extra sleep at night or a nap or two during the day.

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