Coffee Guide: Akron & Canton, Ohio

Out of all the wonderful places I’ve traveled to, Ohio will always be special. It’s home. I want to start an ‘Ohio Travel Series’ on my blog and to begin, I’m writing about the best places to get a cup of coffee in my hometown. North East Ohio may not be known for too much, but we do have some great coffee shops worth trying while visiting the area.

Here’s a round up of my favorite spaces, in alphabetical order, for where to get the best coffee in the Akron and Canton area!

Akron Coffee Roasters. Probably my favorite coffee shop in Akron. ACR now has two locations, one in downtown Akron and one in Cuyahoga Falls. I love stopping in for an americano and a slice of their best kept secret: avocado toast!

Angel Falls Coffee Company. A sweet authentic coffee shop located in highland square, Akron. There’s a variety of drinks served here as well as delicious foods, especially their homemade quiches!

Artisan Coffee. Home to some of the best pastries that pair well with a espresso drink. This is also a great stop for meetings or getting some work done, there’s plenty of space inside.

Asterisk Coffee Bar. This is Akron Coffee Roaster’s newest coffee shop, located close by to the original in Cuyahoga Falls. This location is nice because it’s spacious and now serves cocktails and small bites on the weekends!

Heartwood Coffee Roasters. A cozy coffee shop, with a couple locations but my favorite is located in Hudson, just a little north of Akron. Heartwood coffee is known for their irresistible treats and fun seasonal drinks.

The Human Bean. A franchise popular along the West coast has blessed Ohio with it’s amazing coffee! I love the human bean because it’s a drive up coffee place! There’s two drive up sides along the building and multiple cars can drive up and order. Makes it easy to grab a cup of coffee while running errands. The best americano in Canton!

Muggswigz Coffee & Tea Co. A long time Canton favorite located downtown. Muggswigz is a great spot to meet up with friends for coffee and listen to some live music on the weekend nights.

Nervous Dog Coffee Bar. Another great coffee shop with a cozy interior perfect for catching up on work or diving into a book. The Nervous Dog now has a few locations around Akron, my favorite is the original, located on Market street. For any ‘Friends’ fans, the original location resembles what a modern day “Central Perk” would be.

Walkie Talkie Espresso & Coffee. A new coffee shop located in downtown Canton. The interior is welcoming and bright, a great spot to take a break with a cup of joe. I recommend picking up some coffee beans to go here, so great to have at home!





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