How to Travel During the Pandemic

With everything going on in the world due to coronavirus, I thought I would share ways I’ve been “traveling” without leaving my home. This is a scary and unusual time all of us are facing but I believe brighter days are ahead! Being stuck at home may feel a bit suffocating to my fellow travelers out there, especially when the weather warms up and the travel bug really starts bitting… BUT being stuck at home prevents further cases and deaths which is a much better alternative. Thankfully, being stuck at home means there’s internet. The internet opens all kinds of doors for ways to travel while at home.

Virtual Tours


There are many virtual tours available which provide an excellent way to travel from home. Some of a favorites include: The Van Gogh Museum , The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Louvre, The British Museum, and The Anne Frank House. These virtual tours are such a unique way to experience rich history, culture, and art. I’ve been to all of these museums in person and I’m thrilled I can tour them without a crowd and whenever I want from home.

Make a Travel Bucket List


Personally, I love making travel bucket lists. There’s something so satisfying about making a list of all your dream destinations and being able to cross one off the list once you finally visit. Making a travel bucket list during the pandemic also gives you something to look forward to and even start planning! A dedicated blog post of my 2021 travel bucket list is coming soon.

Cook an International Dish


Have a night dedicated to a favorite meal from country or city you’ve visited. I love recreating meals I used to find while living in Italy. This could be a fun way to virtually have a meal with friends and family through video chat!




Organize Travel Photos


Organizing my travel photos is something I love to do in my free time. Going through travel pictures, is a fun way to reminisce on travel adventures. Another idea is to print out pictures to put in a book or create a travel journal!




Watch a Movie with a Travel Theme


Have a travel themed night, maybe along with an international dish and dive into a movie inspired by travel. Some of my favorite travel inspired movies are: Under the Tucsan Sun, Eat, Pray, Love, Midnight in Paris, Wild, and Julie and Julia.



Go for a Walk or Hike


Go for a walk or hike near home! I’ve been finding new places on the weekends to explore and enjoy the fresh air. This is a perfect time to explore where you live in a new way.





Visit Cities Virtually


This is my favorite experience that is available! From the comfort of your home you can experience the Eiffel Tower sparkling at night, Times Square without a crowd, and Rome’s historic Colosseum! This is a unique way to travel and experience different major cities around the world.

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