Places I Cannot Wait to Travel to Again

There have been some places I’ve traveled to and in the moment I knew I would come back someday. There will always be those places that inspire so much inside me I already start planning my next visit. During this time especially, I’ve had a chance to think about all of the places I’ve traveled to and which ones I cannot wait to travel to again once it’s safe to do so.


Iceland is one of my favorite countries in the world! I was struck by the scenery and the overall atmosphere of the country. When I have the chance to go back I would love to stay for a longer trip and drive around the country to experience more.


Italy will always hold a special place in my heart. I hope Italy will always be a country I can return to and feel at home. Florence in particular is a city I cannot wait to visit again. There are so many little things I miss about living in Italy. The convenience of walking to the city square, the loud church bells every afternoon, the line of people sipping their espresso before work, and the overall sense of history and art that spread throughout the city.


I’ve had the opportunity to visit France a couple times and each time I go, I know I’ll be back. Paris in particular was a special city to visit. Everything about Paris feels unique and like I’m in a movie. I cannot wait to experience the food, the Eiffel Tower, and the museums again.


Scotland charmed me so much with it’s architecture and cozy atmosphere. I only had the chance to briefly visit Edinburgh and I would love to visit again and experience more of the country side!


I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I wanted to visit Belgium in the first place was for the waffles and fries. But there was so much more to Belgium than I expected! I was only able to see Brussels but I look forward to traveling there again to visit more beautiful cities throughout the country.

New Zealand

New Zealand was one of the most incredible countries I’ve ever traveled to. I was there about three years ago and I still reflect on all the memories I made there and daydream about when I can go back. New Zealand offered such a peaceful trip that almost felt like a retreat.


Switzerland is a stunning country with so much to see! I’ve been able to travel there once in the summertime and once in the winter and I’ve loved the country equally as much both visits. When I visit again I would love to experience more of the Swiss alps and the stunning scenery the country offers.


Ireland will always be a special country for me. I’ve visited twice and both times I had to go back to the Cliff of Moher. I felt so much peace and so grounded watching the waves hit the cliffside. When I return to Ireland I would love to experience more of the countryside and take drives around the beautiful country.

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