Getaway House Review

I recently had the opportunity to stay in one of Getaway Houses for a few days! These tiny cabins are a dream hidden in a secluded area with plenty of wildlife to feel like you’re truly far away from home. I stayed at the Ohio location and it was perfectly hidden off the road and deep behind several pine trees. The Getaway house is enhanced camping which feels like a retreat and provided me with a chance to unplug from the world.

I was amazed with how much could fit in such a tiny space. The design of the getaway houses was impressive as there was plenty of storage, space, while at the same time extremely simplistic. The interior of the cabin creates a peaceful atmosphere that instantly makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. The Getaway provides a lot of little things to make packing a lot easier! There’s no need to bring basic cooking materials (salt, pepper, olive oil, aluminum foil) and they even provide a no-stick frying pan! The Getaway also provides, a mixing bowl, plates, bowls, mugs, cups, and all utensils. I’ve listed below a few things I’ll remember for my next trip. I can’t wait to visit again, I cannot recommend the Getaway House enough! Here is a reference link to receive $25 your first stay with the Getaway!

Things to keep in mind:

  • Plan out your meals to bring materials and snacks needed for your stay. The refrigerator in the cabin is small!
  • There is not an oven in the cabin, however, there is an outdoor grill available for cooking.
  • The tap water in the cabin is safe to drink so there’s no need to bring extra water along.
  • There is no wifi available, it truly is a screen free retreat if you want it to be! If you want to bring movies, be sure to have them downloaded beforehand.
  • If you’re a coffee lover, bring your own coffee and maker. I brought my french press and I was thankful to have it in the mornings! The cabin provides creamer and sugar. There is also coffee available for purchase if you forget!
  • If you want wine glasses be sure to bring your own.
  • We noticed the hot water didn’t last long so I suggest taking showers before washing dishes in the morning and at night.
  • There’s a cell phone ‘lock box” provided in the cabin, I would highly recommend using it!
  • The service was amazing while we stayed! If you need any extra amenities throughout your stay you can simply text the staff to drop more off.

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